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Garden hot tub in Chatka Czarny Bocian

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

In today's busy world, full of daily challenges and stress, seeking moments of peace and relaxation becomes a priority. More and more people are discovering that an oasis of peace can be literally at their fingertips - while bathing in a wood-fired garden tub. The garden hot tub in Chatka Czarny Bocian is placed on the terrace, next to the exit to the kitchen, so our guests can enjoy privacy and conveniently use our facilities.

The cost of one-time rental of the hot tub is PLN 250 per bath, the next day costs 150 PLN. We are responsible for preparing the hot tub and lighting the stove to the appropriate temperature for our guests. Add fragrant oils to the water. The garden hot tub at Chatka Czarny Bocian also has the option of bubble massage.

The photo shows a wood-fired garden hot tub. It is surrounded by a green hedge, trees and a wooden bench. The Karkonosze Mountains can be seen in the background.
Garden tub on the terrace of the Czarny Bocian cottage in Podgórzyn

But what are the actual advantages of using a wood-fired garden hot tub?

1. The garden hot tub in Chatka Czarny Bocian is close to nature

A wood-fired garden hot tub is the perfect combination of luxury and simplicity. While sitting in the warm water, you can enjoy the beauty of nature around you. It's like traveling back in time where nature was the only source of relaxation. The garden tub in Chatka Czarny Bocian is located in the beautiful Karkonosze Mountains, with a view of Śnieżka.

2. A break from technology

Modern life is saturated with technology, screens and the constant availability of the Internet. Bathing in a garden tub is a moment when you can cut yourself off from the digital world and fully immerse yourself in real life, admire the stars and the beautiful landscape of the Karkonosze Mountains. This is a chance for a real detox for the mind. The garden tub in Chatka Czarny Bocian is also surrounded by intimate lamps that are an extension of the beautiful views.

The photo shows a wooden wall. In the center there is a glass bottle with lamps, next to it there is a lantern with candles. Blooming garden flowers in the background.
We placed atmospheric decorations, lamps and fragrant flowers around the tub.

3. Warmth and relaxation

Wood-burning garden hot tubs provide natural heat that comes from burning wood. This is a different type of warmth than traditional bathtubs, more cozy and relaxing. The combination of warm water and the sounds of a crackling fire creates an intimate atmosphere.

4. Aromatherapy

We add natural essential oils to the water, which will help enhance the relaxation effect. Lavender, peppermint or eucalyptus oils will help you relax and breathe deeply.

Evening. In the center there is a bottle with atmospheric lamps. Person holds a glass of wine. In the background, the illuminated and bubbling water of a garden tub.
Bathing in a garden tub, Chatka Czarny Bocian in Podgórzyn.

5. An oasis of peace at any time of the year

Wood-burning garden hot tubs don't have to be limited to the summer months. Thanks to good insulation, you can bathe all year round. This is the perfect solution for winter evenings when fog and snow create a magical atmosphere.

6. Unique aesthetics

A garden hot tub is not only a source of relaxation, it is also an aesthetic element of the garden. Wood and natural materials fit harmoniously into our surroundings.

7. Social gatherings

Bathing in a garden tub is a great idea for spending time with friends and family. This is a place where you can enjoy the warmth and atmosphere, talk and celebrate the time spent together.

In the photo there is a flame and a view of burning wood.
Fire from a wood-burning tub stove, Chatka Czarny Bocian in Podgórzyn

A wood-fired garden hot tub is much more than an ordinary bathtub. It is a corner of peace where we connect with nature, relax our mind and regain peace. For many of us, this closeness to nature is an escape from everyday life and at the same time a return to our roots. This experience allows you to become extremely relaxed.

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