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The following rules apply at Chatka Czarny Bocian w Podgórzyn:  

1. Report any defects immediately to the hosts, we prefer to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. This enables us to respond quickly. 

2. You are obliged to maintain and return the cottage in its original condition on the day of receipt. Kitchen utensils and dishes should be washed and the interior of the house should be cleaned.

3. Smoking is allowed only in the garden in designated places.

3. We are green. Segregate garbage at home and in the garden (specially prepared containers are used for this purpose). If you do not segregate the garbage, it means that we will segregate the garbage after your stay, which costs you PLN 200. 

4. Follow all instructions for proper use of the equipment: TV, dishwasher and washing machine.

5. Do not listen to loud music on the property, i.e. in the cottage and garden. 

6. Observe the curfew between 22:00 and 6:00. 

7. In the room you can check in between 15:00-22:00 and check out until 11:00. 

8. Please inform us in advance about a possible extension of your booking or about an earlier/later arrival time at the cottage. We will try to fulfill your request to the best of our ability. 

9. The following price list for extending the stay applies to the Black Stork Cottage:  

2 hours - PLN 100 

4 hours - PLN 250

10. We serve:

·  good advice on the rules of stay and nearby attractions,

·  the possibility of storing luggage in the porch of the Chatka Czarny Bocian, 

  recommendation of local products and restaurants, please visit our websitewww.chatkaczarnybocian.comfor more information about the attractions.

11. The car park located on the premises of the facility is an unguarded car park.

12. Persons visiting you who are not registered at Chatka Czarny Bocian may not stay on the premises from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

13. Picking up the house means: going with at least one of the Hosts and the Guest around the facility after the end of the stay.

14. You can use the keys left in the room door, be sure to return them to the hosts when checking out / picking up the house. 

15. Handing over the keys to the house and its collection always takes place in the presence of the Host or an authorized person. We charge a fee of PLN 50 for a lost key to the house.

16. When leaving the house, remember to turn off electrical devices and close doors and windows.

17. Staying with pets should be agreed with the hosts. 

18. You are responsible for material damage of any kind or destruction of equipment and technical devices in the Black Stork Cottage caused by you or the fault of people visiting you.

19. Resignation from the stay less than 14 days before the start of the stay involves covering 70% of the cost of the stay.

20. By making a reservation, you accept the regulations of staying at the Chatka Czarny Stork in Podgórzyn. We consider the moment of payment of the reservation fee as confirmation of the reservation and acceptance of the regulations.

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