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The magical light of a new collaboration: Chatka Czarny Bocian and vintage lamps 'Retro Abażur'

A stand with a wooden base on which there is an advertisement for the Retro Lampshade Profile on Instagram.
Retro Lampshade in the living room of Chatka Czarny Bocian

The beginning of the year started intensively for us, with cooperation that will certainly brighten not only Chatka Czarny Bocian, but also the hearts of all lovers of unique handicrafts. We are proud to announce the start of cooperation between the Chatka Czarny Bocian agritourism and a talented creator of vintage lamps.

As the hosts of a picturesque cottage located in the heart of the Karkonosze Mountains, from the beginning we aimed to create a unique place for relaxation that would combine tradition with modernity, handicrafts with local stories. As a result, a partnership was established with an artist specializing in creating unique lamps in the vintage style Retro Lampshade.

Lamps decorate the Chatka space in winter, introducing a unique atmosphere and a magical atmosphere. Each lamp is unique, full of history from the Lower Silesian and Opole antique markets and warmth, which perfectly harmonizes with the cozy character of our agritourism.

Mr. Czesław is passionate about local antique fairs. It combines traditional patterns with modern trends in an extraordinary way. That's why his lamps are not only a beautiful interior decoration, but above all, they are unique. To view and purchase one of these beautiful lamps, please visit our Instagram profile (@retro.abazur).). span> There you will find a full catalog of his original projects and you will have the opportunity to contact him directly.

We are happy to share with you this great news about cooperation, which adds new splendor to our Chatka. We invite you to visit our agritourism farm to experience not only the charm of the surrounding nature, but also the magic that each vintage lamp brings.

Let this magical light be an inspiration for you and a reason to visit us soon! Happy New 2024!

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