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Gallery of archival photos from Podgórzyn - find these places during your stay in Black Stork Hut

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

In this post we wanted to share with you our favorite archival photos of Podgórzyn - landscapes, old postcards and architectural photos. We also recommend delving into Fotopolska and Polona (Polish Digital Library) portals for more. It's like a treasure hunt.

1. Bujwida Street towards the Bakery Open-Air Museum and the former Brewery (source: Fotopolska).

2. Dąbrowskiego Street (source: Polona).

3. 20-21 Bujwida Street / Former Brewery (source: Fotopolska).

4. The road to Podgórzyn along the Podgórzyn Ponds (source: Fotopolska).

5. Municipality office, formerly the Ramsch Hotel (source: Fotopolska).

6. The garden of the Ramsch Hotel (source: Fotopolska).

7. A postcard with the Rozpadlisko and Żołnierska 47 St. (source: Fotopolska).

8. 20-21 Bujwida Street / Former brewery (source: Fotopolska).

9. Restaurant on the Ponds (source: Fotopolska).

10. Court inn in Podgórzyn (source: Fotopolska).

11. Left: 24 Zolnierska Street ; right: Holy Trinity Church in Podgórzyn (source: Fotopolska).

12. 44 Nowa Street (source: Fotopolska).

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